About NHT Divers, Inc.




CHAIRMAN – Matthew J. Lum

“Mattman”  is an experienced freediver who has spent years exploring the richness of the Southern California Channel Islands.   Noted for his fine cooking skills, Matt is a financial supporter of NHT Belt Bags through his position as president of “Bank of Dad.”  Unequaled in his passion and curiosity towards life, Matt’s hobbies include Karate, cooking, fly-fishing, stand-up paddle boarding, West Coast Swing, CrossFit, raising finches, trophy abalone hunting, camping, 5 Rhythms, butterfly ranching, kick-boxing, wildflowers, rock tumbling, Krav Maga, gardening, making Kombucha, water polo, Golden and Lady Amherst Pheasants, floral design, volunteering for hospice, lobster diving, writing poetry, exotic bamboo, puppies, yoga, diving for prehistoric Megalodon teeth, stone carving, bluewater freedive spearfishing, Judo, palm trees, beekeeping, diving for jade, tantra, singing with the Threshold Choir, picking wild mushrooms, Esalen, fruit-drying, Tenkara, mindful meditation, ballroom dancing, rearing chickens, surfing, song writing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, jewelry-making, Soul Motion Dance, underwater photography, fishing, Kung Fu San Soo, rock hounding and French Impressionist oil painting.

Matt Lum




A holder of multiple world spearfishing records, “Jules” is the backbone of the NHT operational team.   Most widely known as a “super-mom,” she fits more tasks into a day than most people do in a month!  A typical day for her would include fixing lunch for “my three sons,” dropping them off at school, jumping in the water and spearing a white seabass, shopping, running a PTA meeting as president, picking the boys up from school, taking them to piano lessons, helping them with homework, taking the boys to swim lessons, coaching the local youth water polo team, cooking the seabass for dinner, doing laundry and dishes and maybe even fitting in a spin class!   In fact, in September, 2005, she completed her first full Ironman in Madison, Wisconsin in 94 degree heat!  While stories of her ample capabilities abound, she is worshiped both for shooting a record yellowfin tuna while 7 months pregnant, and for spearing her record 53 pound white seabass in-between breast feedings.

Julanne & Trevor Lum



PRESIDENT – Nicolas M. Lum

“Nic-a-Nic” is a hero amongst the elite Southern California freediving community.  Named after the remote San Nicolas Island, Nic was awarded the “Davey Jones Spearfishing Stud” trophy after spearing a limit of 3 white seabass at age 8! 

Responsible for manufacturing and oversight of NHT staff, Nic has been known to use rarely-seen karate moves to keep his employees in line.

Nicholas Lum




Having speared his first fish at age 7 (yes, he was hunting at Santa Cruz Island), “HB” (short for “Hunt-Bunt”…it’s a family thing) is addicted to all that the sea has to offer.  An astute abalone diver, Hunter also enjoys running over his brothers while surfing.   With a passion and zest for life adored by fellow divers, but reviled by his school teacher, Hunter loves to tout the benefits of using NHT Belt Bags.  The trouble is…getting him to stop talking!

Hunter Lum



MASCOT AND R&D – Trevor P. Lum

“T-man” is the youngest of the Lum brothers, and is charged with researching new uses for the NHT Belt Bags.  Speaking in an ancient freediver dialect of grunts and squeals, Trevor is proud to have discovered new markets for the bags as a hair net, toilet clogger, dog whip, avocado picker-upper, and bunny tote.   In a controversial experiment, Trevor was instrumental in proving that one limitation of the belt bag is its ineffectiveness as a “potty.”

Very rarely seen in clothes, T-man also cultivates a challenging work environment for the rest of the staff by constantly rearranging the location of necessary parts and tools. 

T-man stress testing belt bag



QUALITY CONTROL OFFICERS  – Chutney and Freckles

“Chut-Butt” and “Freck” oversee a clean working environment for the NHT Belt Bag staff and employees.  They ensure that no stray parts are dropped on the floor during manufacturing (they eat them!) as well as making sure the staff eat their meals in a timely fashion (or else they eat them!).  Part of the rigorous testing of NHT Belt Bag parts has been the use of the bags as a tug-of-war toy with Freckles as well as the passage of parts through Chutney’s digestive system.   Now that’s a quality product!

                         CHUTNEY                                                                                                                 FRECKLES





We are sad to report that Chutney has taken a permanent leave of absence from our lives.  She gave us nearly 14 years of unconditional love and commitment and will always be remembered as our most loyal employee.




We at NHT Belt Bags support the conservation and responsible harvest of marine life.  A portion of the proceeds from each belt bag goes to charitable organizations dedicated to protecting and enhancing the marine environment. 

Please dive safe, and we ask you to:

“Respect the ocean, protect the sea. Spear some fish, but leave some for me!”