I wanted to follow up after my purchase and let you know that your bags are the best I've used yet.  My first dive out with it I scored a limit of 3-5 pound bugs and it worked perfectly!  After trying other bags with various clips and ways to close the bag which often fail, I have found a bag that outperforms all the rest.  The bungie system you have incorporated works fantastically and makes bagging your catch much easier. It gives you peace of mind knowing your bugs are safe in the bag and that it won't randomly open up during a dive.  In addition, the fact that the NHT bag does not have a hard metal frame makes it much more streamline when swimming in structure and checking out caves.  It doesn't get stuck on rocks or in the kelp like all of my previous bags would.  I'm stoked on my NHT bag and would recommend it to anyone.  Thanks for making such a great product! 

Daniel Pinheiro

Dan Pinheiro 

"Gotta tell you guys, it doesn't look like much, but this bag is AWESOME!!! Can't even compare it to the archaic, standard game bags. It's so much easier to use, and has much less drag. Anyone who's serious about bug hunting, needs to get one of these bags!!! "

Sandy Collora
Newport Beach, CA

"I can't believe this...I have been stuffing bugs into bags for 37 years now...from just legals, to my personal best that went 16.5 lbs...but nothing, has ever been easier and more efficient than your bag...it absolutely has been the quickest and easiest bag to quickly stuff a bug into, and continue diving. Just wanted to say thanks."

John Beerling
Dana Point, CA

Sandy Collora and John Beerling

"I have been diving for lobster since 1989, where we used Darrel Allen lights with 10 D batteries and dive bags that were big and yellow.  Well the dive lights have improved greatly, but the dive bags stayed the same, until now.  Simply put the NHT belt bag is the next generation of dive bags.   They have no profile when empty, so no drag.and are sleeker than traditional bags when full.   They are expandable to fit the size of the game that you are putting in. No more fumbling with little snaps or clips, just stuff the lobsters/game and go.   The NHT bag has made me a more effective hunter because now I can focus on diving and what I am harvesting while diving."

Jethro Acosta
Santa Barbara, CA

Jethro Acosta

"Having grown up in the sport diving business (retail and equipment manufacturing), and diving since the 1960s, I've had the opportunity to test-dive a LOT of lobster bags.  When I began using NHT belt bags six years ago, I couldn't believe the difference one simple piece of equipment could make.  I'm able to be more efficient, and grab more lobsters while diving, than ever before!  This product has completely revolutionized my lobster diving, and is the single best new piece of equipment I've purchased in the last 10 years."

Lance Merker
Camarillo, CA

Lance & Kyle Merker

"Being a relative newcomer to the sport and art of freediving I have had the good  fortune to develop my lobster diving around the NHT Belt Bag.   I have dove with others using more cumbersome equipment and I can with certainty say that my efficiency and comfort while diving for lobster is maximized using this piece of equipment.  One of the joys of freediving is being able to experience the ocean’s wonders free from bulky noisy equipment, the NHT Belt Bag not only enhances this experience, but at the same time maximizes the functional needs of the diver."

Judd Glasser, MD
Encinitas CA 


Judd Glasser

"In my 15 or more years of freediving for lobster, nothing has improved my  catch or made my dives more enjoyable than the NHT belt bag. I used to hate the burdensome chore of lugging around the old-fashioned "goodie bag" and having it get in my way or become tangled on every piece of kelp I would swim by. This is no longer an issue because the NHT belt bag's sleek and expandaple design allows me to swim through the thickest eel grass or seaweed without any problems. The bag is only as big as what I put in it.  When its empty I can roll it up flush against my beltline. Its "self-closing " feature assures I will never need to fumble with an angry lobster while trying to open and close the stuborn hinges of the old goodie bag again. Simply, I am able to grab a lobster, shove it in the NHT belt bag and go!  It is also great for crabs, scallops, clams, shell collecting and anything else you might want to harvest while diving."

Matt Bond
San Jose, CA

Matt Bond

Been diving with the old lobster bags for a number of years, just purchased one of your bags this season.  I love it.  Easy to use, no drag and easy for putting lobsters into.  Attached is the latest catch.  It was just about 12 lbs.  Had the head of a 15 pounder!  Thanks again, I think you have a great product.  I'll be ordering more soon.

Jason Sagen
Los Alamitos, CA

 Jason Sagen

Bag works great, caught 5 last night...great design and especially like how easy it is to use the gauge.

Mark Arthurs

 Mark Arthurs

As an avid "bug hunter" I have tried many designs over the years. From the one handed game bag to the old school mesh BCD clip on bag to other waist strapped knock offs of the NHT divers one. I have caught bugs in all of them.

However, the only bag I have never lost a bug in when stuffing it with more bugs is this one ! Once inside bugs can't swim freely around to kick out as the webbing doesn't provide a surface for them to propel off, swim or crawl from. Leaving my catch where it belongs ! IN THE BAG !!! Great product guys.


Dave Belinsky
San Fernando Valley, CA

 Dave Belinsky